Honors Program

The Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences (PBS) hosts a departmental Honors Program. This is not the same Honors Program offered by the College of Letters & Science, but more information about the College’s Honors Program can be found on their website. Students are welcome to join both programs, yet they would enroll separately in each program. All PBS honors courses may be applied toward the Letters & Science Honors Program.

The intention of the PBS Honors Program is to provide additional opportunities for motivated students enrolled in the Department’s majors. Enrollment in the PBS program is by application to the department, and is based upon academic achievement (GPA).

The PBS Honors Program provides an opportunity for qualified students to pursue a more challenging and in-depth study of the field. Honors courses have smaller course enrollment numbers, and provide a level of discussion and participation not possible in traditional lecture courses. To help prepare for graduate training, honors students can conduct independent research under the supervision of a Faculty advisor. The results of this research may form the basis of the honors thesis, which students submit before the end of their senior year. Students who complete an honors thesis with at least a 3.5 GPA are eligible for distinction in the major.

Honors Courses

No more than 12 units of Psychology 197ABC, 198 and 199 may be applied toward major requirements and no more than 8 units of 199 may be taken P/NP towards the major.

Psychology 90ABC
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Seminar for specially selected students usually in their sophomore year. Seminar involves reading and discussion of selected topics in psychology. Applications are distributed via the electronic mailing list in Spring Quarter. Prerequisite: 3.5 GPA and consent of instructor.

Psychology 196
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Advanced seminar designed for Psychology and Biopsychology students in their junior year. Eligible students are identified during Winter Quarter about the application process. See the Undergraduate Advisor if you are not notified and would like to apply. Prerequisite: 3.5 GPA and consent of instructor.

Psychology 197ABC

Senior independent study under the supervision of a Faculty member. The series includes design and execution of an independent research project with scholarly analysis, as well as critique of substantial issues and research written in APA format. The final thesis is approved by two Faculty readers. Prerequisites: PSY 196, two quarters of PSY 99/99P or PSY 199/199P (one for transfer students), and PBS approval.