Psychological Perspectives on Memory and "Moonwalking with Einstein"

Did you ever wonder why some people seem to have a greater capacity to remember than others? Or how we manage to process the immense amount of information in the world around us? Did you ever question the accuracy of your memory? Or try to use techniques to improve your memory?

In the UCSB Reads 2013 book selection, "Moonwalking with Einstein: The Art and Science of Remembering Everything," science journalist Joshua Foer explores these questions from multiple perspectives and submits himself to a training regimen in order to compete in the USA Memory Championships.

ENGAGE: Psychological and Brain Sciences Alumni Mixer

Come enjoy an afternoon with fellow PBS alumni and catch up with old friends over complimentary refreshments including local beers, wines, and appetizers.

In the spirit of alumni connections, the graduating class of 2017 will be joining the mixer after attending another ENGAGE sponsored event “PBS Alumni Career Panel”. The mixer will be a great opportunity to share personal experience and career wisdom (and best UCSB memories) with our graduating seniors.

Please register using this link.

You can download the flyer by clicking on this link!

Mini-Con 2019

Mini-Con, or Mini Convention, is held every year in the spring to celebrate the wonderful work our second year PhD students have accomplished.

Mini-con is a convention style presentation in which each second year student gives a 10 minute presentation based on their second year paper. The presentation encompasses the research they have conducted, data collected, and future prospects, with a Q&A from attendees. The students are evaluated on the professionalism and ability to present research to the scientific community.