Katherine Meek

BA, Psychology. After graduation, I moved to San Diego and worked with high school, SED students. After a few years, I went back to school earning a K-12 Teaching Credential in Social Science from Point Loma Nazarene College. Next, I facilitated N.A.D.S.A.P 36 hour classes for naval personal on naval bases and ships. Eventually, I earned my Professional Clear degree and worked with various high schools within the Grossmont Unified School District. Since 1999, I have been working at Cuyamaca College in the Learning and Technology Resources Department, as support staff for computer instructional support. I am fortunate to reside in gorgeous San Diego.


Ken Kallio

I am currently Chair of the Psychology Department at SUNY Geneseo, where I have been since leaving UCSB. We have 16 faculty and over 400 majors. Strange as it may seem, I actually like the job of chair. My research interests have wandered over the years, but most recently I have been doing experiments on working memory using a multispan task. My wife (Colleen) and I have two sons, both of whom, we are happy to report, have recently graduated from college. kallio@geneseo.edu.

Carl Janeway

B.A., Psychology. I completed a BSN working over 25 years as a Registered Nurse. I trained in trauma nursing in a level 2 trauma center affiliated with UCLA. I retired and live in San Luis Obispo enjoying my 3 grandchildren and 2 children (one of whom is an ‘06 UCSB grad).

August John Hoffman

I only have very fond memories of UCSB. The academic work in psychology was one of the most interesting, challenging and dynamic experiences I have had. I can still remember with vivid detail the lectures from David Hamilton, Roberta Klatzky, and Rich Mayer. I received my MA, Clinical Psychology from Radford University in 1982 and my Ph.D., Educational Psychology from UCLA in 1995. I am an adjunct professor at Cal State University Northridge and a tenured psychology professor at Compton Community College. I have two lovely children, Sara and AJ, and Nancy and I have been married ten years. My activities include writing psychology textbooks, gardening, and spending time with my family. I attribute my success as an educator and scholar entirely to the exceptionally high quality of undergraduate teaching I received at UCSB.

August John Hoffman

Received a MA in clinical psychology from Radford University in 1982 and Ph.D. from UCLA in 1995. Currently Associate Professor of Psychology and director of graduate psychology at Metropolitan State University. Finishing a book that will be published this year: Improving Intergroup Relationships via Community Service Work: Pluralistic Goals within an Ethnically Diverse Society. This text ex- plores the positive psychological effects of community service work among ethnically diverse societies. Stay in touch. august.hoffman@metrostate.edu.


Fran Talarowski

I am a math teacher at Springfield High School in Springfield, PA, where I am known to the Algebra, Geometry, and AP Statistics students as Dr T. This year I will be introducing AP Psychology to the school. After years as a statistics manager in the pharmaceutical industry, I got fed up with the corporate world and what I perceived to be a warped sense of values and priorities, so I cashed in my chips, earned a teaching certificate and have never been happier in my life. I have an adjunct faculty position at Widener University, where I reach courses in Statistics and Research Design in the Psychology Department. I am still married to Susan Best (29 years this July) and have one son, Andy, a consistent Dean's List student at the University of Delaware, majoring in Physics, with a minor in Japanese. Life is good.


Piraye Bayman

Ph.D., Cognitive Psychology. My dissertation advisor and mentor was Richard Mayer. Worked at AT&T Bell Labs during 1984-2002. I have been living in Ayvalık, Turkey since 2003. I am an activist and enjoy biking, hiking, kayaking and swimming.

Randy Ross

Completed medical school at Yale, psychiatry and child psychiatry residencies at the University of Washington and a re- search post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Colorado in Denver. At the University of Colorado School of Medicine since 1993 and now Professor and Director of Research for the Department of Psychiatry and Director of Medical Student Research for the School of Medicine. Active researcher exploring the developmental pathway to psychosis and plays an active role in teaching research to undergraduates, medi- cal students, psychiatry residents, and research post-doctoral fellows.

Robin Baneth

Went on to receive a M.S. (Ergonomics, NCSU) and M.A. (I/O Psych, UNH) and is now Chief Information Officer, NC Mu- seum of History, Raleigh, NC rbaneth@mindspring.com


Paula Gregoire-Jones

Before I graduated I was accepted an entry level computer support position at ACC eventually becoming the IS Manager. After ACC closed I worked in Information Technology position at Mentor Corporation and have been working for the Santa Barbara County Air Pollution since 1989. My husband and I purchased a house in "Noleta" right after my graduation, where we still live with our 15-year-old daughter and two dogs. Grant Gustafson, 1984. I have lived and worked in the US, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia. I presently divide my time between Malaysia, Africa and our Boston area home. While my first love in school was Psychology and in particular the great people in and around the Psych Department (e.g., Robert Gottsdanker), I ended up going the business route post graduation. Have been mostly in Management Consulting and presently work with a SE Asia based Private Equity firm.

Dena Flekman

I moved back to LA and live in Santa Monica. I went into Human Resources, working for 2 companies each for about 5 years. At each company, I created the HR department and put the policies and procedures in place. I then opened my own business, a flower store, in 1995. I had the design capabilities and the business background so I had a head start in creating my own business. After 5 years of having a retail storefront, I moved my business into a warehouse in Culver City. I developed my clientele and didn't need to spend so much on rent and expenses-my clients call or order on-line. In July 2004 I had a baby girl who is the love of my life. I am a single mom. If I had to do it all over again, I would still have chosen UCSB and would have majored in Psychology. dflekman@dflekman.cnc.net

Grant Gustafson

I have lived and worked in the US, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia. I presently divide my time between Malaysia, Africa and our Boston area home. While my first love in school was Psychology and in particular the great people in and around the Psych Department (e.g., Robert Gottsdanker), I ended up going the business route post graduation. Have been mostly in Management Consulting and presently work with a SE Asia based Private Equity firm.

Paul Reed

Ph.D. in Perception in 1984, worked for AT&T and Lucent Bell Laboratories for 18 years in NJ and Colorado, and then began a more “exciting” career with an electronics device startup. I live in Seattle, and I am still hiking, climbing, and skiing up a storm in the Cascade and Olympics Mountains. It is great to see the UCSB Psychology community sticking together through all of the years!


Roberto Refinetti

Ph.D., Psychology. I am currently the chair of the department of psychology at Boise State University, in Idaho. After leaving UCSB and before coming to Idaho, I held positions at the University of Sao Paulo (in Brazil), the University of Illinois, the University of Virginia, the College of William & Mary, and the University of South Carolina. My daughter, who was born in Santa Barbara when I lived there, is now a lawyer and lives in Texas with her husband.

Alyson Bostwick

BA, Psychology. I am a full-time faculty member at SBCC. I am the Mental Health Counselor who coordinates the Psychological Services through the Student Health Services Department. I live in Santa Barbara with my husband of 23 years and my two kids.


John Gilleland

I have been doing applied psychology work as a trial consultant for the past 28 years, working with attorneys in preparation for upcoming jury and bench trials. I regularly conduct mock jury research of all types ahead of the actual trials, to test out trial themes and presentation strategies. I also assist with witness preparation, jury selection, trial monitoring, and post-trial interviews with the actual jurors once trials are completed, as well as strategic consulting on opening statements and closing arguments. I work in Chicago, for DecisionQuest, and live just west of there, in Naperville, Illinois, with my wife and four children.

Wendy Nishikawa

I received my M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University in Santa Barbara in 1991. I became licensed as an M.F.T in 1997. My first counseling job was at Phoenix of Santa Barbara. I became the Clinical Director in 1994 until I left in 1998. I spent a year teaching English in Japan, then returned to do social work at the County of SB Child Welfare Services. After 1 1/2 years at the County, I accepted a position here at UCSB as Work/Life Coordinator for Human Resources. My interests include international travel and all athletics especially snowboarding and beach volleyball. wendy.nishikawa@hr.ucsb.edu

Tomo Suganuma

After returning to Tokyo, I worked for a systems engineering company as program analyst until 1990.  Then, I joined an NPO and ran educational programs involving the Japanese language education for North American college students and cross-cultural exchange between North America and Japan as Tokyo office managing director.  I decided to leave the NPO in 1998 and joined a development consultancy firm in Tokyo, with which I am still today.  I have so far been to Mozambique and El Salvador as project team member.  tomoski@mx5.ttcn.ne.jp.

Debra Rosenfeld

Received an M.A. degree in Counseling Psychol- ogy from National University and a Marriage and Family Therapist license in 1993. Has a private therapy practice in Redwood City, CA: Specialty is treating depression and anxiety associated with chronic pain and health problems, acute illness, life-changing medical events, accidents, and illness in the family. therapy@debrarosenfeld.com.


Ewald Neumann

Edwald is currently a Senior Lecturer in the Cognitive Psychology area at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand, specializing in visual selective attention research. He has held research positions at the National Institute of Mental Health in Bethesda, Maryland where he completed post-doctoral training and received a senior scientific staff fellowship. He has also taught at UCSB and held faculty positions at New College (the honors college of the University of South Florida) and Middlebury College in Vermont. ewald.neumann@canterbury.ac.nz

Pam Oberhauser-Lim

B.A., Psychology. After UCSB I went to graduate school at San Francisco State University where I earned my Masters in Clinical/School Psychology and got PPS credentials in counseling and school psychology. I am currently a school psychologist in San Ramon, CA, specializing in preschool-aged children. I also live in San Ramon, with my husband, also a Gaucho, who graduated in 1990.

Marie Kennedy

BA, Psychology. I am currently in my 25th year working for Garden Grove USD. I started as a teacher and have served as an elementary school principal for the past 17 years. I live in Long Beach, Ca, with my husband and our two dogs.

Suzanne Drgon

BA, Psychology and Sociology. After initially working as an elementary and middle school teacher, I spent the next ten years working for a small software development company. I currently provide independent consulting services to a number of surety companies utilizing that same web-based application. I have lived in Virginia Beach since 1993, where my husband of twenty years and I enjoy life on the Chesapeake Bay and traveling.