Don Burns

(1970) I worked from 1970-1997 at Camarillo State Hospital as a Program Director and Community Liaison. I transferred to Atascadero State Hospital and worked as a Staff Programmer Analyst (database software) until December, 2004. I am semi-retired now and still work a few days a month as a Staff Programmer Analyst. I moved to Ventura when I graduated in 1970 and still love living here by the beach. burns_donald@sbcglobal.net.

Jim West

BA Psychology and Master’s Counseling Psychology 1974), retired from Allan Hancock College in Santa Maria after 17 years as a counselor, Counseling Department chair and Dean, Counseling and Matriculation. During his tenure there he served on the California Community College Matriculation Advisory Board to the Chancellor’s Office and was Co-Chair for three years. Jim also served on the Counseling Advising Committee to the Chancellor’s Office for several years and was Chair of the Region 6 Community College Counseling Committee. Jim was the driving force behind bringing computerized placement testing and computerized educational planning to Hancock College. After retiring, he continued as a part time instructor and faculty advisor to the Associated Student Government Program for two years. He is now an assistant football coach at Orcutt Academy High School.

Jim Witmer

BA. Jim is a Real Estate Broker in Santa Barbara with Village Properties. He received his license in 1972, and used his double major degree in psychology and economics to work with people and help them make financial and emotional decisions. He lives in Summerland with his wife Lucy, and has two grown kids. He enjoys tennis and soccer, and the Santa Barbara lifestyle.

Saeed (Heidar) Modaresi

Lived on 6th floor of San Miguel with Randy Umland, Dan Thistlewait, Herb Weingart, Lester Powell, Fred Buddinger, and Bill Greenwalt. International student from Iran; girlfriend was Gayle Eipper. Received Ph.D.in experimental psychology from UCR, then 15 years later went back and got a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from U of South Carolina. Is now a clinical psychologist and university professor in South Carolina, married to Ingrid, and has two daughters, Anahita and Shirin, and two grandchildren, Cyrus and Kai. modaresih@winthrop.edu.


Paul Kimoto

I went to work for DHL Worldwide Express (unable to find gainful employment in the field of psychology). In 1983 I opened my own business as a Customs Broker working for international importers. I married in 1979, divorced in 2000, raised two daughters. The older one (UCSD 1997) works for Organic Style magazine. The younger daughter is a UCSB sophomore, paying $1200 a month for an apartment in good old Isla Vista. My old apartments are still there looking exactly the same as they did 30 years ago. I'm currently a consultant for international importers and serve on the Board of Directors for the Hillblom Foundation which provides grants & fellowships in the fields of diabetes and aging research. The foundation recently provided funding for a new research building at UCLA.

Susan (Susie Lukes) West

After working for about two years at Goleta Elementary School as an instructional specialist, Susie took a job teaching third grade at Monica Ross, a private school in Ojai, Ca. While there she completed her elementary teaching credential and obtained a position as a sixth grade instructor at Woodland School in Mariposa California. In 1989, she moved with her husband Jim to Santa Maria, CA where she obtained a position teaching sixth grade for the Orcutt Union School District. She continues to teach at May Grisham Elementary School. Susie has two children: Rusty (29) and Joe (27).

James Livingston

Ph.D., Psychology. First posting was to Livingston College(!) of Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. Using the skills developed at UCSB, I built a computer-controlled lab for gathering human response-time data to various stimulus presentations, funded by a NSF grant. The time spent completing that, and administering it in support of the research of my colleagues, may have made a contribution to my moving into the computer industry; I enjoyed 40+ years as a system software engineer in various roles, and I am now an Adjunct Faculty Instructor, teaching beginning Computer Science courses at Bellevue College in Bellevue, WA. I have two daughters, four granddaughters, a wonderful wife of 53 years, and we all live within a few miles of each other in Sammamish, WA.

Michael P. Levine

BA, 1971, Ph.D., 1979, Psychology (Levine@kenyon.edu). After 33 years of teaching psychology at Kenyon College, Ohio, I, along with my wife (Mary Suydam, BA, Medieval Studies, UCSB, 1973; Ph.D., History, UCSB, 1993) have retired to Goleta. I continue to do writing, speaking, and advocacy work in the prevention of eating disorders.

Doug McCormick

I lived in Canalino Hall my freshman year and did more surfing that year than any year before or since.  In my sophomore year I moved to San Raphael which was brand new.  I saw the Bank of America burn twice and watched the riots and the marines landing on the bluffs.  They told our RA that they were lost and stopped to ask for directions. In 1983 I received my Masters and PhD in Quantitative Psychology from USC. Shortly before I graduated, I was offered a job at AT&T and for eighteen years I developed aptitude and knowledge tests for technical jobs at AT&T. In 2001 I retired, sold my house in New Jersey and moved to Honolulu.  I own a small condo next to Diamond Head and if all goes well I will soon break my freshman record for most days surfed in one year.

Michael P. Levine

Is currently Samuel B. Cummings Jr. Professor of Psychology at Kenyon College. Next year he will be retiring after 33 years at Kenyon. He continues to work in various aspects of the fields of body image and eating disorders.


Susan (Barr) Davis

BA Psychology. I received a MS in Counseling with a Pupil Personnel Credential for School Psychology from CSU Hayward (now CSU East Bay) in 1975 and worked as a School Psychologist until I retired in 2010. I especially enjoyed coordinating and supervising in an early intervention mental health program in the schools. I also obtained a Certificate in School Neuropsychology from Texas Woman’s University in 2006, which aided in my assessment of students. I live in Livermore with my husband, Greg, also a UCSB alum. We have two grown daughters and are expecting our first grandchild in August. We are enjoying retirement by staying active with a local hiking group and traveling

Jonathan Eymann

BA. Jonathan has been teaching as an Adjunct Professor part time in the clinical psych graduate program at Antioch University in Santa Barbara for the last two quarters He is also continuing as Team Supervisor, Marriage and Family Therapist, in the County of Santa Barbara's Adult Outpatient Clinic.

Jon (Jonathan) Eymann

Married Juliette Griffing, '72 in their senior year and still enjoys her company, living together in Camarillo. Their three grown sons all still live in Goleta and all graduated from UCSB. Jon and Julie were ordained as Christian ministers in 1974 and began a non-denominational charismatic Protestant church in Goleta, which they continue to pastor. Jon earned an MA in clinical psychology in 2003 and has become licensed as a marriage and family therapist, with a private practice in Goleta in addition to his role as practitioner and clinic manager for SB County Mental Health's adult outpatient clinic.


Keith Witt

BA Psychology 1973, MA Counseling (Dept. of ED), 1975, Ph.D. (Fielding Institute) Clinical Psychology 1982. I've been in private practice, taught at the Santa Barbara Graduate Institute, published five books (the latest is Integral Mindfulness), and have lectured around the country. My wife Becky and I have lived and worked in Santa Barbara and raised our two children here.

Terry J. Tibbetts

MA. While obtaining his M.A. degree in 1973, Terry was also involved in community work through the Sociology department, and became interested in educational psychology and gestalt therapy through the Confluent Education program in the Education Department. As a result of those interests, Terry also became a community social worker and a gestalt therapist while completing his doctoral psychology degree. Since that time, Terry has worked in a variety of clinical and educational settings involving students with emotional disturbance, and has recently published a book entitled Identifying and Assessing Students With Emotional Disturbance. He currently works for the State of California, where he is responsible for the psychological evaluation of adjudicated adolescents. virgorising50@gmail.com

Robert Most

Got a doctorate in Cognitive Psychology from Wayne State University in Detroit. For 10 years was VP of R&D for Consulting Psychologists Press (now CPP, Inc.) and in 1994 started Mind Garden, Inc. in Menlo Park, CA. Mind Garden publishes psychological assessments instruments and provides tools for psychological assessment. bobmost@msn.com

Bruce Shapiro

In Psychology and Zoology completed MS in Biology at the University of Nevada, medical degree at University of Nevada School of Medicine, residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Yale New Haven Hospital, fellowship in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility at Yale University, and Ph.D. at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. He is sub-specialty board certified in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility. He established and is the director the Division of Reproductive Endocrinology at the University of Nevada School of Medicine. He founded and is Medical and Laboratory director at The Fertility Center of Las Vegas.


Fred Holmes

Even before graduating I took a position with SB County Probation, working in the local Juvenile Hall.  The next 10 years included positions as Juvenile Probation officer in San Luis Obispo County, Executive Director of a non-profit shelter care program for adolescents, and a couple of years as a crosscountry truck driver. The last two decades I’ve been self-employed in various marketing endeavors, giving me the time and money to be more involved with my children.  Although never married, I have been blessed with two wonderful sons, now 25 and 22.  As my younger son became a very young single father three years ago, I had the opportunity to live with him and my grandson for much of my grandson’s life.  Today, I travel to Reno every other week from my home in Ventura  to visit with my grandson (check out the cutest and smartest grandbaby in the world at  www.fredholmes.com).  I’ve taken a break from business to pursue real estate investment in the Reno area.

Joanne Kay Jordan

Went to CSU Long Beach to earn two teaching credentials in special education.  Worked with Severely Handicapped students for 10 years and then went to Learning Handicapped, Resource level, where I am today.  I am teaching in the Chaffey High School District in California where I have 
been for 29 years and have a Master's from Cal Poly, Pomona and I have 4 teaching credentials and two vocational certificates.  Married, with two children, ages 21 and 17, and two step children ages 36 and 32, one grandson age 10.  I still get to Santa Barbara once in a while for a weekend.  I just moved to Corona, CA.

Jan Grossman

Thought he had graduated in 1973 as he boarded an Icelandic Airlines flight out of JFK to spend a few months bumming around the continent, only to find that he was 2 classes and 4 units short of graduation. A quick stint at UCLA summer school made the world right. Subsequently went on to law school in L.A.; member State Bar of CA since 1981; member State Bar of Arizona since 1996; currently residing with wife, Gayle (married 1983), and practicing law, in Scottsdale, AZ. Boy-girl twins, Bryan and Erica, born June 4th, 1986; and, younger sister, Mallory, born June 4th, 1987; (yes, you read that correctly). Notwithstanding, memories of the entire UCSB / Isla Vista experience continue to haunt this writer who may and wants to be reached: (480) 226-9067 jan.grossman@azbar.org.


George E. Murphy

I obtained my J.D. from Golden Gate University in 1979 and moved to Sacramento where I served as Research Attorney for the State Court of Appeal. In 1982 I was hired by a Sacramento firm to start their appellate department. In 1994 I founded Farmer & Murphy with another UCSB alumnus--Craig Farmer. We now have 11 attorneys, specializing in civil appeals. I have been involved in hundreds of appellate cases in California including the Supreme Court and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit. I have over 40 published decisions. What I learned in Psychology at UCSB has made me a much better lawyer in many ways. I am married and have three children. Lauren, 17, wants to go to UCSB and major in Psychology. Mike, 16, is not sure where he wants to got to college. Shane is 13 and college is not even on the radar screen. I have taken them by the UCSB campus. It has changed significantly since I went there, but I think I could still find my way around. I am waiting for UCSB to launch a law school -- it would be great to be back on campus again. I have missed it all these years.

Darlene Fogal

B.A., Psychology. After graduating from UCSB I worked with persons with disabilities, obtained my Masters in Art Therapy (ATR-BC), became certified in Hypnotherapy, and worked as a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor. In the past 10 years I have been semi-retired. I am traveling, finishing up an art studio, taking webinars to get back into doing my own art work, playing with my grandson, and enjoying life. Have many goals yet I hope to accomplish!

Keith Witt

Ph.D. (from the Fielding Institute) 1975, MA, Counseling Psych, UCSB. I'm a psychologist in private practice (have done 60,000 therapy sessions), and the author of six books--Waking Up, Sessions, The Attuned Family, The Gift of Shame, Integral Mindfulness, Shadow Light. I give talks and keynote addresses around the world. I live in Santa Barbara with my wife Becky and have two grown children.

Mary McGrath

BA. Retired from the advertising business in 2003 to pursue her loves for writing, photography and music. Some of her credits include: Westways.com, Wall St. Journal, Newsweek.com, LA Times, and many other publications.

Mary McGrath

Is a freelance writer, photographer and musician based in Los Angeles. Some of her credits include: Newsweek, AOL, Good Housekeeping, LA Times, and many other publications and web sites. Recently, she was profiled in the Wall Street Journal regarding her creative efforts. She specializes in fine dining, soft adventure, personality profiles, and humor. grathy@aol.com


Paula (Lapinski) Loehr

After graduation I became a Registered Nurse.  My nursing career has spanned hospital-based and community health clinic/field positions including orthopedic, pediatric and emergency specialties, school and college health assignments, as well as instruction of nursing students. Since 1996, I've worked as a home-based freelance writer.  My articles about health, family travel and nature have been published in several national and regional magazines. Fortunately, I married Dennis Loehr (1979 UCSB Chemistry Ph.D.) 29 years ago and we have three sons.  For the past 25 years, we've resided on Florida’s Atlantic coast, in Key West and currently in Fort Pierce. dloehr7312@aol.com.

Melanie Ito and Charles (aka Bud) Wilkinson

We married in 1973 while psych grad students.  In 1976, Melanie entered the UC Berkeley graduate program in genetic counseling, and Charles began a post-doctoral fellowship in physiology at UC San Francisco.  In 1978, Melanie took a genetic counseling position at Children's Hospital in Los Angeles, while Charles stayed in San Francisco.  Melanie returned to take a counseling job at UCSF later that year.  In 1980, Charles took off for another post-doc -- in endocrinology -- at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine in New York City.  Yes, Melanie stayed in San Francisco.  For most of two years we saw each other as often as possible on weekends on one coast or another.  Then Melanie took a counseling position at the University of Utah.   In1982, Melanie began work at the University of Washington, and Charles found a research position at the Seattle VA Medical Center with an academic appointment in psychiatry at UW.  Together again -- but not for long.  Melanie decided to try medical school and was accepted at UW in 1984.  In 1988, she left for a residency in pediatrics at UCSF and San Francisco General Hospital.  (Yes, Charles stayed in Washington -- commuting yet again.)  In 1991, Melanie returned to Seattle, first to a research fellowship at UW before settling into a position with the Seattle/King County Public Health Department as a primary care pediatrician.  And, with a series of loving cats, they lived happily (together) ever after.

Joel Moskowitz

PhD, Psychology. I direct a research center in the UC Berkeley School of Public Health. I'm an authority on the effects of cell phone and other wireless radiation on human health. I produced an award-winning documentary film, "Mobilize," and run an Electromagnetic Radiation Safety web site.

Judith (Malmin) Weber

Earned an MBA in Market Research from UMass, Amherst; has spent 30 years working as a market research consultant in the SF Bay area (Weber Associates, in Portola Valley). Married to Joe Weber 1976 UCSB Chemistry graduate, has three children, one grandchild.

Ann Lowell Leatherbury

I loved going to UCSB but the in the very difficult job market of the mid 70s moved to LA where my husband found work. I had past retail experience so was hired by Bullocks (Federated) department stores (now Macy‟s), became a department manager, and worked for them for about three years. I moved to Robinsons and became a shoe buyer. Over the years I have sold just about everything. In 1995 I was asked to sit on the board of the Henry L. Guenther Foundation. We review grants and distribute money to worthy hospitals, research facilities, and philanthropies in the Greater LA area. I have been married to Chuck for 37 years and have two great daughters. Because there used to be dog shows on the UCSB campus, I have showed and trained Golden Retrievers since college, just recently switching breeds to Havanese.

Paula Lapinski Loehr

In Psychology and Anthropology and husband Dennis Loehr *1979 Chemistry have lived in coastal Florida since 1980; have three sons. Paula is a registered nurse, writer and teacher. Her primary writing interests include family travel, camping, and health/wellness. Her work has appeared in national magazines such as Child, Family Circle and Highways. Currently produces monthly travel articles for Camp Club USA and CyberSam online, as well as a quarterly column for Radius Magazine - a print publication written by healthcare professionals. Paula is an adjunct faculty member for Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences online Bachelors degree programs for nurses and radiologic technologists. PLoehr777@aol.com.


Larry “Hy” Doyle

I received an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership from UCLA in 2004.  I've been a Learning Skills Counselor in the School of Medicine at UCI, U. Nevada, UC Davis, U. Washington, and UCLA.  I've designed educational computer software and served as Assistant Head of Math and Computers at the Basic University Education Center of the United Arab Emirates University. I've worked extensively in programs (like Job Corps, Upward Bound, McNair Scholars, MESA, Health Careers Opportunity Programs, and Hispanic Centers of Excellence) to help disadvantaged students to enter medical careers or to serve in medically underserved areas. I am currently Assistant Dean for Student Affairs for the Drew/UCLA Medical Education Program, serve on the faculty of both the UCLA School of Medicine and the Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science, and am Assistant Director for the UCLA/Drew Center of Excellence.

Stephen Newman

(double major with biology). I went to George Washington University Med School then completed a family practice residency at UCSF/SF General. I’m now in private practice in Vacaville CA. I miss the beach, Isla Vista Open Door Clinic, and Harry Carlisle.

Dana (Rosenthal) Thurm

I got a UCSB Teaching Credential from UCSB 1978 and a Masters in the Psychology of Child Development from the College of the Center for Early Education.  I married my college sweetheart and moved to Los Angeles, where I worked at a private elementary school. Seven years and one child later... I divorced and moved back to my home town of San Diego, where I am happily living on the beach and teaching first grade in the Encinitas Union School District. My son is now 24 years old and I am still single!  firstdana@aol.com

Mike Stuart

BA Psychology, 1977. I am married with 6 children. I own an insurance consulting firm in Valencia CA. In addition, I run a Sports Recruiting website and manage our family owned Movie Ranch in Southern CA.

Theresa Jennings Stuart

BA Psychology, 1977. I furthered my education by securing two Masters Degrees and a lifetime teaching credential. Raised one girl & five boys ages 34, 32, 30, 27, 24, and 22. I continue to teach as a Studio Teacher on our family’s Movie Ranch in Southern CA.

Jess Perlman

BA, Psychology. After managing a law firm for many years, I have spent the past 20 + years as an independent Auto Broker (New & Used Car Sales & Leasing) in Los Angeles, but serving most of the country. In my free time, I like to visit my daughter in Colorado, golf, hike or walk my dog. I live in L.A and try to visit UCSB at least once a year.

Tom Eschenfelder

BA, Psychology, is completing his 28th year teaching music at Andrew P. Hill High School in San Jose, where he has developed a student-centered program focused on developing creative, focused and caring adults in a warm, familial community. His daughter, Cindy, also graduated from UCSB with a BA in Psychology in 2012, and his other daughter, Lin, graduates as a Gaucho this Spring.


Charles DeCarli

Charles is happily married with two children finishing college and the third entering high-school. He spent 20 years on the East Coast getting his MD, completing medical training and doing research at the National Institutes of Health. He returned to California with the family in 2000. He is Professor of Neurology at UC Davis and directs the Alzheimer's Disease Center and the Imaging of Dementia and Aging Laboratory. His research interests focus on studying factors related to cognitive decline associated with aging, vascular and Alzheimer's disease. He is the recipient of numerous research grants, awards and was recently featured in the HBO Documentary, "The Alzheimer's Project, Momentum in Science". cdecarli@ucdavis.edu.

Mary E Solis

B.A. 1978 Psychology UCSB, received her MSW in Social Work from UC Berkeley in 1981, became a licensed clinical social worker in 1984, received the Oncology Social Worker of the Year in 2004, and a Lifetime Acheivement Award-NASW, local chapter 2018. She retired in 2018 after 34 years as an oncology social worker for the local Cancer Center. The  Cancer Center created a Social Work Endowment Fund in her honor upon retirement.

Robert N. Renard

BA, Psychology. I continued to work in the mental health field after graduation. I returned to graduate school at Sac State, where I received my MSW in 1981. I have worked in mental health as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker since 1984 and have been in private practice for 15 years. I live and work with my wife in Ventura. I have recently completed my second book of poetry, entitled In Someone Else’s Skin.

Marilynn (Payne) Gottlieb

After graduating, I continued my schooling  - getting my pilot's license, then an AA degree in Medical Photography. I worked as a medical photographer for over five years, earning the professional certification, until becoming an at-home mom. In my free time, I took up creative writing, which allowed me to return to Santa Barbara to attend the Santa Barbara Writer's Conference. A few years ago, I rejoined the work force as a researcher for a commercial real estate appraiser, where I find my scientific and statistical background is helpful. I've also taken real estate appraisal courses. Our education is never complete! mpgottlieb@msn.com


Bob Preston

B.A., Experimental Psychology. I’ve utilized my psychology studies at UCSB by combining it with an MBA with a marketing concentration from UC Irvine. I’ve had a successful business career as a technology Chief Marketing Officer in Silicon Valley and now own a successful Real Estate and property management company in Del Mar, CA.

Michael P. Levine

BA 1971, MA 1975, Ph.D.1979. Retired in July 2012 after 33 years of teaching psychology at Kenyon College in Gambier, OH. He continues to write and speak about a variety topics related to body image and eating disorders, most notably prevention and sociocultural factors such as mass media. In 2015 he and his wife Dr. Mary A. Suydam (BA in Medieval Studies, UCSB '73; Ph.D. in Medieval History, UCSB, '91) plan to move back to Goleta, where they own a condo not far from UCSB.