Double Majors and Minors

With careful planning, Psychological & Brain Sciences (PBS) students can complete the requirements for a double major or minor while working towards their degree. Students pursuing the Psychology B.A. can easily add a double major or minor. The B.A. degree has fewer unit requirements than the Biopsychology B.S.—Biopsychology students will need to meticulously plan their time at UCSB to add on an additional major or minor.

For a List of UCSB Majors, visit UCSB General Catalog Acadmic Directory. The Double Major “Memo of Understanding” form is listed as a PDF to the right. This form must be completed and turned into the home department of the secondary major.

For a List of UCSB Minors, visit UCSB General Catalog Undergraduate Education Minors. There is also a PDF of UCSB Approved Minors created by the PBS Department on the right. The Applied Psychology minor, a popular choice for PBS students, is housed in the UCSB Gevirtz Graduate School of Education.

Students should contact the home department of a prospective double major or minor to learn more about their requirements.