Course Information

Pass Information:

Check with the Registrar for a list of Pass Information and dates.

Use the PDF to the right for information on PSY Pre-Reqs and Pass Restrictions.

Additional Course Information can be in the UCSB General Catalog.


Waitlists for Psychology courses are integrated into GOLD. If a course is a full, a student may add themselves to the waitlist during Pass 2. Waitlists automatically add students into courses as spaces become available. Being on a course waitlist does not guarantee a spot in the class.

The Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences (PBS) primarily uses the waitlists on GOLD to fill classes; add codes are not given for most courses. Waitlists automatically determine student eligibility if they have met the course prerequisites. Course instructors help to determine the order in which eligible students are added to the course—students are not necessarily added on a first-come, first-serve basis. Since several factors can determine the order in which students are added to a course, we cannot proved accurate information about position on a waitlist.

Students who are finishing their Pre-Major will not be able to enroll in PSY 110 and higher courses on GOLD for the upcoming quarter. Instead, they should turn their Change of Major paperwork into the PBS Main Office, and add themselves to the waitlist while the paperwork processes.

Please do not email instructors regarding class crashing. Instructors do not manage waitlists, and will refer interested students to the electronic waitlists on GOLD. Students should always attend the first course meeting if they are interested in crashing a class, as instructors and Undergraduate Advisors may verify student attendance before allowing them to enroll.

Finals Schedule:

Check with the Registrar for a quarterly list of the Finals Schedule.