Biopsychology BS

Admission to the Biopsychology major leading to the Bachelor of Science degree is contingent upon meeting the Pre-Major requirements. Students do not have to be declared Pre-Biopsychology students before they can request to have full Biopsychology major status.

Declaring as Biopsychology informs the Office of the Registrar − which manages course enrollment on GOLD − and the Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences (PBS) − which manages PSY courses − of a student’s intention to pursue the full major. Biopsychology standing will give students first priority registration in Pass 1 and Pass 2 on GOLD for 100-109 and PSY 110+, providing pre-requisites have been met.

In order to earn full Biopsychology status and enroll in PSY 110+ courses, students must submit Change of Major paperwork to PBS. If eligible, this paperwork will be processed by the PBS department and forwarded to the Office of the Registrar where a student’s major standing will be updated on GOLD. This process typically takes about 10 working days.

By using the tabs to the left and the PDFs to the right, students will find all the information and petitions needed to move through their major requirements and assist with course selection throughout their academic career.