The Department Psychological & Brain Sciences (PBS) at UCSB offers a comprehensive, research-based education within the discipline. The Psychological and Brain Sciences, Psychology, and Biopsychology majors are designed to provide students with an appreciation of the scientific study of behavior. Studies range from environmental effects on simple organism response to exploring the concept of human and group behavior in diverse and multi-dimensional situations.

At the undergraduate level, the department offers three majors: a B.S. in Psychological and Brain Sciences (open to freshmen in Fall 2016), a B.S. in Biopsychology, and a B.A. in Psychology (closed to incoming freshmen as of Fall 2016 but open to transfer students until Fall 2017). We do not offer any minors or emphases. All students must fulfill the Pre-Psychological and Brain Sciences B.S., Pre-Psychology B.A., or Pre-Biopsychology B.S. requirements to be granted “full major” status within the department. Full major status allows a student to continue working on upper division degree requirements.

The PBS department’s main focus is on experimental psychology. The PBS department does not provide instruction on the clinical aspects of psychology. For those interested in counseling, UCSB’s Gevirtz Graduate School of Education offers an Applied Psychology minor.

Within the PBS department, Faculty research concentrates on four areas: 1) Cognition, Perception, and Cognitive Neuroscience, 2) Developmental and Evolutionary Psychology, 3) Neuroscience and Behavior, and 4) Social Psychology. Students may select their own course work from any combination of these four categories.

Common career options many Psychology B.A. students pursue range from (but are not limited to) sales and marketing, law enforcement, human resources, and education. Typically, Biopsychology B.S. & Psychological & Brain Sciences B.S. students work towards professional research and medical field occupations. The department of PBS provides a broad foundation at the bachelor’s degree level. Therefore, both our B.A. and B.S. students are well prepared for a variety of graduate programs.

Opportunities to work in Faculty Research Labs are available to students interested in becoming a Research Assistant. For students with high achieving academic performance, the department hosts an invitation only Honors Program.

The PBS Faculty and Staff encourage bright new students in our program to learn, collaborate, and grow into future leaders of psychological study and influence. Become the next ground-breaking Gaucho… Welcome to UCSB!