Academic Planning

Psychological & Brain Sciences (PBS) encourages all students to take an active approach in planning their own academic coursework, with consideration to timelines for their future goals. Students who have thorough academic plans are able to maximize their time here at UCSB, both on and off campus, and are most prepared to be competitive candidates for internships, employment, and graduate schools. Use the tabs to the left and PDFs to the right to find information about PBS advising.

To be successful planners, students majoring with PBS should keep in mind the UCSB degree requirements. Students may find GE information, college requirements, and downloadable petitions on the College of Letters & Science website. The UCSB General Catalog hosts all major sheets and course prerequisite information. For information about courses required by PBS majors that are not cataloged as “PSY”, please visit the specific academic department website. Most academic department websites include valuable planning information for enrollment into their courses such as projected course offerings, enrollment restrictions, policies, and contact information for their Advisors.