Research Participation Pool

Welcome to the Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences Research Participation website. Most of our studies take place in the Psychology building and the Psychology East building on the University of California, Santa Barbara campus.

One important way to learn about psychology and to understand the nature of psychological research is from the inside-- by being a participant in psychological studies. By serving as a participant in social science research, you also contribute to advancing the scientific understanding of human thought and behavior. This important research would not be possible without the participation of research volunteers.

Information for Students Receiving Course Credit

All students who intend to sign-up for studies in order to receive course credit [for the courses Introduction to Psychology (Psy 1), or Introduction to Experimental Methods (Psy 7), or Research Methods (Psy 10A), see the PDF files linked on the right for their respective requirements.

Research Participation Pool Schedule for Winter 2017 Academic Quarter

This applies to students currently enrolled in Psych 1, 7 10A only.

  • First day to participate in experiments: 04/03/2017
  • Last day to participate in experiments: 06/09/2017
  • Research Paper for PSY 1 and PSY 7, PSY 10A Due: 06/09/2017 before 3 pm

Information for Paid Participants

If you are interested in participating in studies for pay, see the link below. Reminder: If you are enrolled in Psych 1 or Psych 7 or Psych 10A you may only participate in paid studies AFTER you have completed the credit requirement for your course:

Connecting to the Research Sign-up System

In order to help interested research volunteers enroll in research studies for course credit and for pay, we utilize a web-based research sign-up system called the Sona Systems. To connect to Sona, use the link below:

For instructions on how to use the Sona Systems web site, please download and refer to the PDF linked at the top-right of this page.

The Study Pool remains open for paid participants throughout the academic year and summer.