Shop Policies

  1. The Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences maintains a machine shop for the use by its faculty, graduate students, and staff. Undergraduate students under the direct supervision of either a faculty member or graduate student working on an instructional, research or laboratory project may use the shop, provided they attend a mandatory safety/training session.
  2. The shop facilities are managed by the departmental Development Engineer / Shop Manager, who is responsible for assuring that each person using the shop is trained in the appropriate general shop safety procedures, as well as on the item of equipment selected for use.
  3. Before working in the shop, each user must be approved by the shop manager, requiring either formal training or demonstration of abilities. Each user must sign the "Memorandum of Understanding Regarding Shop Safety and Policies" prior to being given permission to use the shop. A list of authorized users will be posted in the shop. Anyone whose name is not on the list will be asked to leave the shop until appropriate training can be completed.
  4. An authorized person is defined as Psychology Departmental personnel that has received safety training and has been approved by the shop manager.
  5. Shop Hours: The shop is available for use during the hours 8-noon, and 1-5 p.m. as long as an authorized person is present for supervision. Since the shop manager and other staff are often engaged in projects outside of the physical shop area, individuals are encouraged to schedule specific times to work in the shop. If individuals choose to work in the shop on a "walk-in" basis, they may not be able to gain immediate entry if no authorized users are available to provide supervision or may be asked to leave before their work is completed if an authorized user must leave the premises. The shop is closed between 12 -1 p.m. and after 5 p.m., on weekends and holidays, and whenever staff personnel are not available to supervise shop activities.
  6. Use of power tools in the shop is prohibited unless two approved users are present and available to provide assistance should an emergency situation occur. Appropriate safety devices (eye protection, ear protection, etc.) must be used at all times on all machines.
  7. Training sessions will be scheduled on a quarterly basis, or , time permitting, on an as-needed basis
  8. Before leaving the shop, users are responsible for cleaning their work area(s). All equipment, tools, etc. are to be put back in their original location. Breakage and equipment failure are to be reported to the shop manager immediately so that necessary repairs can be scheduled as soon as possible.
  9. Equipment and tools may not be borrowed, even for short duration, without permission. In these cases, they must be signed out with the prior approval of the shop manager.
  10. Projects which are to remain set up for more than one working day must be approved by the shop manager. Projects which are "abandoned" for more than one working day may be shelved at the discretion of the shop manager unless prior arrangements are made.

Safety Protocols

Shop equipment is open for use by faculty, staff, and students after completing mandatory training. Eye protection and closed toed shoes must always be worn while working in the shop. Long hair must be put in a ponytail while using heavy machinery.

Safety Orientation

For people who want to use the equipment in the department's shop there is a shop safety orientation they will have to complete first. This orientation will include:

  • Provides training on proper chemical disposal procedures
  • Provides for training in using the equipment
  • Provides injury reporting procedures
  • Provides for training on the use of protective gear
  • Provides for training on use of hazardous chemical
  • Appointments for the safety orientation can be made by contacting Joe Jablonski.