Room Calendars

Important note on the calendars

After we moved to Google Connect in February of 2018 the decision was made to integrate our room calendars with the Connect system as well with the start of Fall Quarter 2018. The new calendars can be found using the following links:

You will need to be logged into your Connect account to view the calendars.

The scheduling policies and the process for requesting a room remain the same.

Location and Capacity of Relevant Rooms

Each of the rooms, below, can be scheduled by emailing

Room Location Style Capacity
1312 Sage Seminar Room
Psychology (551)
Seminar 60
2822 Psychology East (251) Classroom 26
2800 (Cubicles) Psychology East (251) Lab 11
2839 Psychology East (251) Seminar 16
3834 Psychology East (251) Classroom 40

To assure optimal utilization of rooms under Department control and to establish a consistent policy with respect to scheduling of these rooms to accommodate competing needs, the following indicates priorities for use:

Priority 1 Regularly scheduled courses/sections
Priority 2 Review Sessions/Special Exams (DSP)
Priority 3 Departmental Colloquia/Meetings
Priority 4 Research (these rooms are to be scheduled ONLY when the research/experiment cannot be accommodated in an individual faculty member’s laboratory)

Priorities for scheduling

Given the priorities for use, above, the following policies will apply to the scheduling of rooms:

  1. Review sessions, special exams, and departmental colloquia/ meetings should be scheduled two weeks prior to the event whenever possible;
  2. Research experiments cannot be scheduled more than two weeks in advance of the need, up to a maximum of 8 hours/week/faculty member or graduate student

For one-time scheduling of rooms that are not controlled by the Psychological & Brain Sciences Department, please send email to