Request for Travel Advance

You may request a travel advance for expenses incurred prior to a trip. You must submit original receipts with a completed and signed Travel Advance Request.

Travel Reimbursement Request

Domestic or foreign travel, complete, obtain appropriate approval signature and return the form with original receipts*. There are no per diem rates on meals for domestic travel. Please record your actual expenditures (itemized receipts) on the Travel Reimbursement Request.

*Receipts for all expenses for which you seek reimbursement are required including, but not limited to:

  • Airline Passenger Receipts**
  • Rental car receipts, rail ticket stubs, bus tickets
  • Local transportation receipts
  • Receipts for miscellaneous expenses (supplies)
  • Hotel receipts (must be itemized to show nightly rates, applicable taxes, etc.)
  • Conference Registration Receipts

**U.S. Flag Carriers must be used for travel on federal funds.

Declaration of Missing Evidence

If you are unable to locate original receipts for your trip, please complete a Declaration of Missing Evidence with an alternate proof of purchase (i.e. credit card statement showing payment).