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September 18, 2014

Deep and meaningful relationships play a vital role in overall well-being. Past research has shown that individuals with supportive and rewarding relationships have better mental health, higher levels of subjective well-being and lower rates of morbidity and mortality. A paper published in Personality and Social Psychology Review provides an important perspective on thriving through relationships, emphasizes two types of support that relationships provide, and illuminates aspects where further study is necessary.

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August 21, 2014

New UCSB assistant professor Kyle Ratner received the award for research conducted while he was a Ph. D. student at NYU.

Kyle G. Ratner, May Ling Halim, and David Amodio. Perceived stigmatization, ingroup pride, and immune and endocrine activity: Evidence from a community sample of Black and Latina women. (2013). Social Psychological and Personality Science, 4, 82- 91.

David Hamilton & Gettysburg College President Janet Morgan Riggs
June 13, 2014

Each year, on Commencement and Reunion weekends, Gettysburg College and its Alumni Association recognizes exemplary graduates for their personal and professional accomplishments. Gettysburg College’s Distinguished Alumni Award is given to those who have achieved outstanding professional or civic accomplishments as Gettysburg alumni.

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Shelly Gable
May 29, 2014

Article by Brigitte Naughton, Science Editor of Daily Nexus, see original article posted on May 28, 2014

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Brenda Major
May 01, 2014

UCSB Social Psychologist Brenda Major has been awarded the Scientific Impact award by the Society of Experimental Social Psychology (SESP), along with Jennifer Crocker of Ohio State University.

The Scientific Impact Award honors the authors of a specific article or chapter offering a theoretical, empirical, and/or methodological contribution that has proven highly influential over the last 25 years.

Heejung Kim
December 11, 2013
Professors Kim and Sherman team with Bren School & Political Science faculty and graduate students for UCSB Graduate Division Crossroads Project
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December 06, 2013

Social messages targeted at combating obesity may have paradoxical and undesired effects.

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Joni Sasaki
October 16, 2013

Joni Sasaki, who earned her Ph. D. in 2012 in Social Psychology from UCSB Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences was the 2013 recipient of the Society of Experimental Social Psychology (SESP) Dissertation Award. Joni is an assistant professor at the Department of Psychology at York University in Toronto, Canada.