Dan uses an evolutionary perspective to understand how mate preferences are linked to actual mating outcomes. Specifically, he is interested in how mate preferences are integrated with one another computationally in order to make mating decisions.

Leda Cosmides is best known for her work in pioneering the new field of evolutionary psychology. She developed her interest in rebuilding psychology along evolutionary lines while an undergraduate at Harvard, where she got her A.B. in biology (1979) and her Ph.D. in cognitive psychology (1985).

My research agenda is concerned with understanding the nature, acquisition and brain basis of the human capacity to attend to and reason about the behavior of other individuals in terms of their mental states (e.g. their beliefs and desires).

Zoe Liberman investigates the origins of human social cognition from an evolutionary perspective. She is particularly interested in infants’ earliest understanding of human social structure, how this understanding is shaped by experience, and how it changes across development.

My research is broadly focused on mapping the evolved design of the psychological adaptations that regulate human social interactions.

Affiliated Faculty

UC Santa Barbara
Department of Anthropology