Craig Abbey

(805) 893-3853
Psychology, Room 3215


Dr. Craig Abbey investigates visual tasks performed using medical or scientific images, and how task performance may be influenced by engineering parameters such as image processing or display. This area of research involves mathematical modeling of image properties and the human visual system as well as experimental work to validate these models in psychophysical studies. Results of this work are useful for better elucidating fundamental mechanisms of perception in the presence of stochastic variability and have applications to medical image processing and analysis.

Dr. Abbey received his PhD in applied mathematics from the University of Arizona in 1998 under Prof. Harrison H. Barrett. Since that time he has been a postdoctoral fellow in Medical Physics and Imaging at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and the UCLA Program in Biomedical Physics, a visiting researcher at the UCSB Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences, and an assistant Professor at the UC Davis Department of Biomedical Engineering.