Joe Jablonski is the recipient of a 2018 Staff Citation of Excellence Award

May 15, 2018

Joe Jablonski received the 2017-2018 Staff Citation of Excellence Award on May 15, 2018. Joe is Developmental Engineer at the Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences and has worked here since 1990. Joe is one of the longest tenured and most beloved members of the Department staff and most deserving of this recognition, not just for his length of service but for the outstanding manner in which he has delivered that service. As those who work with Joe know, he is a remarkable person and ingenious problem-solver. His genuine warmth and willingness to go the extra mile to help literally anyone in need of his assistance – whether it be a fellow staff member, a member of the faculty or a graduate student -- has earned him the respect and admiration that he so richly deserves.

The Department congratulates Joe on this honor.