UCSB Psychology Students Alexis Lim and Leigh Evans Win Education Abroad Program Scholarships

April 24, 2014

Two UCSB undergraduate students, Alexis Lim and Leigh Evans in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences were awarded $1000 Scholarships as part of the Education Abroad Program.

Alexis Lim will be studying abroad in the Netherlands at Utrecht University for Fall 2014. She writes: “I am currently in a photography class at UCSB and one of my main goals while I'm abroad is to be able to practice what I've been learning in class to capture beautiful images from my experience in the Netherlands. I will be taking psychology classes while abroad. I think it's extremely valuable to take courses in psychology while in a different country because these classes will provide me with a different perspective on the subjects. When I met with Tracee Davis for my pre-departure academic planning, she stressed the importance of this concept. A developmental psychology class taught here, in Southern California, will be extremely different from a developmental psychology class taught on the other side of the world. The main topics may be the same, but the focus and professor's teaching style will differ immensely--providing me with invaluable information that I never would learn if I did not study abroad.”

Leigh Evans will be participating in the EAP program in Scotland next Fall. She writes: “I hope to gain a new sense of cultural sensitivity and to diversify my understanding of the field of Psychology. I will now have the opportunity to enhance my studies in a comparably prestigious department across the globe. Thank you to the Psychology department for this wonderful honor!”

The Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences congratulates these two young scholars and wishes them well in their Educational Abroad Programs.