New Initiative to Promote Faculty - Student Dining in Isla Vista

November 17, 2014

Beginning on October 1, 2014 and continuing until May 31, 2015, Chancellor Yang announced a new initiative to promote faculty-student engagement in Isla Vista. The objectives of the program are to, "1. Offer the opportunity for faculty to experience Isla Vista firsthand and to reach out to our students in the community where they live, study, and socialize; 2. Understand what life is like for our students in Isla Vista; 3. Engage with our students and encourage them to participate in the movement to revive Isla Vista.” The campus is funding the dinners using donor funds for faculty members and their spouses to host these student dinners in IV restaurants.

Inspired by this initiative, on November 14th, 2014 Psychological & Brain Sciences Professors David Sherman and Heejung Kim hosted Psychology undergraduates Viki Chen, Anna Crossman, Hannah Duvivier, Jenny Eng, and Karen Garcia. They all had a great meal and lovely conversation.

Interested faculty should consult the following memo:
Overview of Faculty Dinner Program in Isla Vista