Professor Scott Grafton among researchers at UC Santa Barbara who focus on the men and women who answer the call to serve their country

November 07, 2013
Heroes. Warhorses. Ex-servicemen and women. Whatever your name for them, veterans are a major reason why the country exists, and Abraham Lincoln’s call to “care for him who shall have borne the battle” rings as true now as it did two centuries ago. Today, more than ever in our history, we have the knowledge and the technology to take care of those who have gone into battle on behalf of the United States. Diagnostics and treatments being developed at UC Santa Barbara deal not only with obvious battlefield injuries but also with conditions that are less visible, and traumas that persist even after the wounds have scarred over. Meanwhile, research continues to explore technology that can assist present and future military men and women in their duties, and training continues to develop individuals who are effective both in combat and in civilian life.
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