June 20, 2019

UCSB is set to launch its summer public lecture series, GRIT "Ground-Breaking Research and Innovative Technologies". Emily Jacobs will kick off the series with a talk on gender diversity in science.

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May 31, 2019

Brenda Major has been awarded the International Society for Self and Identity Distinguished Lifetime Career Award for 2020. This prestigious award recognizes a scientist who has made outstanding contributions to our understanding of self and identity throughout their career. This award is made on the basis of the originality, quality, and impact of a scholar's body of research in self and identity.

May 29, 2019

Miguel Eckstein was awarded a prestigious fellowship from the John Simon Guggenheim Foundation. The award is given to individuals whose work adds “to the educational, literary, artistic, and scientific power of this country, and also to provide for the cause of better international understanding.”

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May 22, 2019

Lessons from Cultural Psychology for Real World Problems

by Smaranda Lawrie

On April 30th, 2019, the SAGE Center for the Study of the Mind at the University of California, Santa Barbara brought together prominent scholars to discuss the lessons Cultural Psychology can provide about finding solutions to some of the most critical issues presently faced by humanity. The talks covered diverse topics related to discrimination and intergroup relations, health among aging populations, and environmental action in the face of accelerating climate change.

Dan Conroy-Beam
May 20, 2019

Dan Conroy-Beam was awarded a presitigous NSF-CAREER Award for his groundbreaking project "CAREER: Using Computer Simulations to Understand Mate Choice".