Financial Support

The Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences is committed to providing financial support for all qualified graduate students in our programs through competitive support packages. Students who are considered for admission to the Ph.D. program are considered for all forms of campus-based support. The department typically guarantees a minimum of 15 quarters (through the end of the 5th year) of financial support to all students admitted to the Ph.D. program. Students may receive some combination of an assistantship, fee fellowship, and fellowship stipends.

Quarterly teaching assistantships (TA) and graduate student research (GSR) assistantships are the most common forms of support for students. Both assistantships provide a monthly salary, payment of in-state fees, and health insurance benefits. Non-Resident Tuition for 1st year graduate students that come to UCSB from outside of California (both domestic and international) will also be paid for by the department through a teaching assistantship or graduate student research assistantship. At the end of the first year, all out-of-state students are required to declare California residency. Nonresident students are required to declare California residency after their first year.

All students are encouraged to apply for fellowships offered by outside agencies, including:

Interested undergraduates should start their preparations early in their senior year. Our students have an impressive success rate in securing fellowships, both on and off campus. Continuing graduate students are also eligible to apply for campus fellowships to supplement their teaching or research assistantship income.

For complete information on financial options as a graduate student, visit the Graduate Division.