Emotion, Motivation, Behavior, and Relationships (EMBeR) Lab

Dr. Shelly Gable's Emotion, Motivation, Behavior, and Relationships (EMBeR) Lab Lab
A number of projects centered on motivation and relationship research will be going on in the lab. We conduct observational studies with couples, questionnaire studies, diary studies, as well a number of experimental studies.
Our research looks at topics such as approach and avoidance motivation (the desire to go after positive outcomes vs. the desire to avoid negative outcomes), relationship and personal goals, personal goal support, relationship motives, capitalization, positive emotions, etc.
Responsibilities include running participants, coding data, entering data, brainstorming ideas for follow-up studies, preparing study materials, etc.
Additional Requirements:
We are looking for bright, responsible and reliable research assistants (no prior experience is necessary). We would like all research assistants to commit to work in the lab for at least two quarters. However, for those who want to work in the lab over the summer, the two-quarter minimum does not apply.
Contact Information:
Jason Anderson