Classnotes 2010s

Diana Leonard, 2012, PhD, Psychological & Brain Sciences (Social area). I am Assistant Professor of Psychology at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, OR. My research examines intergroup relations in applied domains like protest and apology. My latest project on moral judgments of racial passing behavior recently received funding from SPSSI. This past year, my partner and I bought a house in SW Portland and adopted a puppy named Freyja. Upcoming this summer I will be leading a laddered research team with undergraduates and a local high school student via funding from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

Leandro Calcagnotto, 2013, BA, Psychology. I worked with children with autism for a year in Los Angeles. I changed career fields and now work as an EMT in the Emergency Department of a hospital. I plan to become a Physician's Assistant.

Caroline Griffith-Chavez, 2013, BA, Psychology. I will soon obtain my California Real Estate license and I look forward to helping clients make their housing dreams a reality. I enjoy solving problems, coming up with creative solutions and working with people. I live with my family in Oakland and I am excited to read about what other Gauchos are up to!

Steven Guzowski, 2013, BA, Psychology. I have been working as a coach and a behavior therapist. I am currently working towards my MA in Educational Psychology and will soon after be earning my BCBA credential.

Amber Leitheiser, 2013, BA, Psychology. I work as an Office Manager for a private psychiatry group in Los Angeles. I live in Encino, CA.

Alanna Peebles, 2013, BA, Psychology. After a short summer, I jumped right into a MA/Ph.D. program in Communications at the University of Madison, Wisconsin. My current focus is on the effects of prosocial and educational media on adults and children.