Classnotes 1950s

Bert Kersh, 1950. Bert was immediately recalled to active duty in the Army serving as a Neuropsychiatric Specialist at Madigan Army Hospital -- a benefit of having learned psychometric testing during his senior year, including the Rorschach, a rare undergraduate offering in those days. That experience taught him that he most certainly did not want to work as a clinical psychologist, so he obtained a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from UC Berkeley in 1955. After working at System Development Corporation in Santa Monica he was invited to help start a unique research center at Western Oregon University. After 7 years in full-time research, he was appointed Dean of Faculty at Western and served in that position for over 10 years. Before retiring he taught undergraduate psychology for a decade, an experience that proved to be the most pleasant and personally rewarding phase of his career. Bert's wife of 59 years Barbara graduated from UCSB in Art and is a gifted fabric artist. They have 4 adult children, 7 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren. Their oldest son graduated from the USMA and has a MS in computer science from the Post Naval Graduate School in Monterey; their daughter and her husband raised three daughters and are proud grand parents; their second son received a degree in architecture from U Oregon and lives with his family in Eugene; their youngest son graduated from SFSU in Poly Sci and now works in the world of finance while living with his family in Laguna Niguel. Grandson Zackery Kersh entered UCSB in fall 2009.

James Fozard, 1954. James was the last class to graduate from the Riviera campus. The major influence in my early psychology career was Dr. Robert Gottsdanker. After finishing my doctorate at Lehigh University and post doc at MIT, I spent most of my career doing research on aging. Years later, Dr. Gottsdanker became interested in reaction time differences in young and old adults and contributed significantly to research in that area. I served on various scientific committees with him and at his invitation, and gave a lecture on age differences in memory and perceptual motor function at UCSB. My wife who accompanied me on that trip exclaimed, after viewing the Goleta campus, "How did you get any work done here?" a question that I answered evasively. I am partly retired, but serve as Associate Editor for Gerontechnology, and work part time at the School of Aging Studies at the University of South Florida in Tampa. Most of my work is helping young faculty develop winning research proposals!

Elmer C. Cameron, 1956, BA, Psychology. Married Ruth E. Nicolson, BA Education UCSB 1956. Fellowship University of Redlands, Speech Pathology, MA, 1957. Teaching experience: Special Education Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and San Francisco State. School Psychologist Monterey County schools; CA Administration: Director Special Services, Deputy Superintendent. Acting Superintendent for Escondido Union S.D.; Public Service: Councilman and Mayor pro tem, Escondido. Currently on Board of Directors of Escondido Public Library and President of Friends of the Escondido Public Library.

Jane Silver Carlisle and Harry Carlisle, 1957. Jane and Harry married 1957. Harry got a UCSB M.S. in 1959 and a University of Washington Ph.D. 1962, then a Post Doc at University of Penn 1964. Finally, back to UCSB in 1964 to join Psychology faculty. Meanwhile 3 children were born. Jane received M. ED (UCSB) 1969, took job as Counselor at UCSB Counseling and Career Services, and received a UCSB Ph.D. 1992. Meanwhile Jane and Harry both working at UCSB in respective departments; Harry tenured faculty and Jane Associate Director of Counseling. Harry retired in 2003; died in 2003. Our oldest son died 1988, had been builder/designer and at his death had passed 5 of the 9 exams for licensure as Architect. Youngest son is therapist in Colorado. Daughter is artist, formerly in New York City, now in Santa Barbara. Jane continues to work on campus at Counseling Services and also has a small private practice. Intends to retire in 2 years.

Bill Collins, 1959. I entered the military summer 1959, and spent two very enjoyable years in Washington, D.C. assigned to the U.S. Army’s Personnel Research Division out of the Pentagon [as a direct result of my work in the UCSB psychology department]. This experience had significant impact on my subsequent career. An M.A. degree in psychology [Honors – Phi Kappa Phi] was completed in 1972. I enjoyed a challenging career with three N.Y.S.E. corporations in Operations and Labor Relations management as a Vice President and Director of Operations. Rita Mattern and I were an item together at UCSB in 1959. We have both now retired and recently celebrated our 50th anniversary in early 2010 with a wonderful month's trip in Australia and New Zealand. We followed that up later in the year with two weeks in Prague and a river trip on the Danube to Vienna and Budapest. Bill continues to be active in the stock market and thinks of it as a part time job and hobby in retirement. They both are active, walk a lot, and play a bit of bridge and cribbage. The wonderful years on the then "new" UCSB Campus are still quite fresh in mind.

Michael Abraham, 1959. Retired, a trustee of the University of La Verne. Awarded an honorary Dr. Of Humane Letters. The Campus Center named after my wife (Sara) and me. For UCSB, I underwrote the TMP annual gift for a number of years. The Thunderdome has an entry named for my contribution. I always have been a proud graduate of the school.

Jim O'Hanlon, 1961. After an MS in Psychology from CSULA in 1963, I earned a UCSB Ph.D. in Biological Science in 1970 while working for Human Factors Research Inc. (HFR), a contract research organization, where I became Vice President for R&D. In 1977, I accepted a fellowship to the Swiss Federal Institute for Technology and remained in Europe for 21 years, getting better and better jobs in the fascinating field of Psychopharmacology. In 1986, I became the first Professor of Experimental Psychopharmacology at Dutch University of Maastricht and worked there with outstanding colleagues and students until I retired back to Santa Barbara in 1998. I taught at UCSB, and was also appointed Staff Psychopharmacologist at Tri-Counties Regional Center for the Developmentally Disabled, where I still am. I monitor the effectiveness and safety of TCRC's clients' medication. Leacy and I will shortly celebrate our 45th wedding anniversary in our Solvang home with five children and nine grandchildren, all are doing fine.

Arnold Golub, 1963, BA, Psychology. I worked at CSUS and chaired its Psychology Dept. four different times during a four-decade period. I live in Sacramento with my wife and am the father of two adult sons.

Stewart Proctor, 1963, BS, Psychology. PhD, Indiana University, MBA, Saint Mary's College of California. A psychology faculty at University of Utah (1968 - 77); US Virgin Islands Dept of Health (1977 - 80); Permanente Medical Group of Northern Calif (1980 - 2009). Three adult children, one who graduated from West Point, one from UCSB, and one from Cal. Retired, volunteering for an animal rescue foundation and serving as a parks commissioner in Danville, CA.

Meredith Born (formerly Puterbaugh), 1966, BA, Psychology. After a 20-year marriage which started before graduation, I returned to graduate school at John F. Kennedy University in 1990, getting an MA in Counseling Psychology. I was licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist in 1999. I’m now seeing fewer clients, but I still adore doing therapy. I’m living happily in Santa Cruz, enjoying the abundant natural beauty of the area.

Dennis Parmer, 1966, BA, Psychology. I retired after 32 years as teacher and counselor in El Monte and Los Alamitos high schools. My wife Karen and I are loving life, splitting time between Palm Desert, Mission Viejo and cruise ships.

Rick Kendall, 1967. He earned an MA at SF State and a Ph.D. in community psychology at NYU. While in San Francisco, he worked first as house manager for Huckleberry's for Runaways and then as research associate at the Haight Ashbury Research Project. From NYU, he went into survey research, first at Yankelovich in NYC, then at Abt Associates in Massachusetts. He returned to NYC first to run market research for HBO and then as VP of marketing for Cinemax. He left HBO in 2000 to start his own marketing consulting practice serving a range of internet-based companies primarily in health-related fields. Rick is currently president of the New York American Marketing Association and lives in Greenwich, CT.

David R. Reese, 1967, BA, Psychology. My experience as a laboratory assistant with Walter Gogel, Ph.D. during my psychology studies at UCSB provided me with lessons for a lifetime. Dr. Gogel was not only a great professor and researcher but a mentor, advisor, counselor and a great role model. As a psychology instructor at Holy Names University in Oakland, California, I was responsible for launching the Experimental Psychology Laboratory with “Skinner Boxes”. The experience in the UCSB Perception Lab with Dr. Gogel and in the classroom at UCSB was invaluable to me as I began teaching and establishing a psychology laboratory. Most recently I have been the Research Director for the Appalachian Osteopathic Postgraduate Training Institute Consortium, Inc. in Pikeville, Kentucky. Our family has recently grown with the birth of our granddaughter this month who joins her two older brothers in Pittsburgh.

Andy Arkin, 1968. Andy is living in New York and has a small agency called BLAH! blah? (Blah...) dealing with animation/design/visual effects.

Gregory (Greg) Cermak, 1968. Gregory got a Ph.D. in psychology at Stanford in 1972. Spent his career in industrial research, first at the General Motors Research Labs, then at the GTE/Verizon/Verizon Wireless Labs. Retired in 2010. His specialty was applied psychophysics: human response to traffic noise, air quality, visible paint quality, IP telephony, and video quality. Research topics included human response to pollution caused by automobiles and trucks at GM, and perceived voice quality and video quality over telecommunication channels at GTE/Verizon. Also published regarding methods for collecting and analyzing consumer data from the lab and from surveys. He currently is retired, living in a village in England, and improving his change-ringing.

Riccardo (Ric) Nargie, 1968. After UCSB I attended San Fernando Valley State College (now CSUN) in the School Psychology Program. Upon graduating in 1971 I was hired by the Conejo Valley School District and served as a School Psychologist for approximately 13 years. Along the way I picked up my Educational Psychologist license as well as a couple of administrative credentials. After the thirteen years with Conejo, I was hired by the Ventura Unified School District as Director of Pupil Services / Special Education and have been in this position to date.

Jud Scott, 1968. Jud attended Navy OCS and spent 3 1/2 years in submarines in the Pacific. He married Ildiko in 1971. After active duty, he attended law school, externed for the California Supreme Court, and clerked for two law firms. Practiced civil litigation in San Francisco for 5 years, became a partner in an east bay law firm, then founded his own practice in 1988. Still practices civil litigation and trial work in Pleasanton. Chaired a California State Bar Section, was President of the Alameda County Bar Association, and served as Judge Pro Tem for the Alameda County Superior Court. Currently serves in the American Bar Association House of Delegates and is a Fellow of the American Bar Foundation and the National Conference of Bar Presidents. Jud remained in the Naval Reserve, completing his service as a Rear Admiral, Deputy Commander for the Atlantic Submarine Force, and Director, Submarine Reserve, before retiring in 2001. Two wonderful children: Nate is a Lieutenant Junior Grade in the Navy jet flight training program and Lauren is a Communication major junior at UC Davis. Ildiko is a Personal Shopper for the Walnut Creek Nordstrom.